The Difference Between Slot Machines

When playing slot machines at either a land-based or online casino, it is important to know the differences in the fruit machines, classic slots, and video slots to maximize your enjoyment. Many slot enthusiasts choose to buy slot machines for their casinos, knowing that they will enjoy playing the games; but it’s impossible to enjoy the slots without gambling. Taking the time to research different slot machines for your casino will be a smart investment.

The main difference in fruit machines is the spin, on or off, as well as the number of coins used to bet. Classic slots have a choice of spinning reels, while slot machines have either 3 reels or 5 reels. Video slots have a choice of spinning images on a screen, or the number of lines on the spin.

While there is absolutely no way to 238 million combinations possible, there are industry wide standards that slot machine players should accept. Almost all machines are based on the same principle.

Payline slots have a single payline extending through the slot. Therefore, winning on a spin where you bet the maximum amount of coins is the same as winning a spin where you bet the least amount of coins.

In a progressive slot, there are multiple paylines extending through the slot. However, on each payline, there is a different payout amount.

One-cent spins are single line slots and have the standard 3 reel payout.

In penny spins, the coins placed into the slot will be multiplied and whoever lands the maximum payout on the spin will be paid the highest.

In sun and moon, players are betting on the number of sun or moon symbols that will appear on the payline. If a minimum of three sun or moon symbols appear, players will be paid at the rate of 6 coins for each correct bet.

In Wild considering the high odds of winning, Wild Fruit slots are ideal. Since the coins are multiplied upon spin, this gives players the opportunity to increase their winnings.

Lucky Number 7 is the seventh symbol in the Hopper machine, which has the standard 3 reel and 5 reel payout. The highest payout, however, is 7,000 coins.

The Hopper machine is easy to use and offers players the chance for a quick buck. If they are looking for a quick win, this is the machine that they can use.

The Bonus Hopper slot machine is a little more complicated to use. To activate the bonus feature, players must use at least three coins during the spin. The machine allows for maximum coin input with only one lever press.

The Odds Hopper slot machine is a 9 reel, 15 pay line machine. Unlike the other machines, Odds has a wild side. Players can increase their odds of winning by making a maximum bet of only 20 coins.

This machine is an excellent choice for the player who enjoys the variety in slot machines. Slot players would prefer the Odds Hopper slot machine to other fruit machines, perhaps because of the extra chance to win a maximum payout.

If a player tries to spin as many times as possible without winning, the Odds Hopper may be the ideal machine for the player. The maximum bet is low, therefore winning can be predicted.

If a player’s maximum bet is low, the bankroll is also low. As a result, the house advantage is low on these machines. However, if the player has a high bankroll, the house edge may be high.

Any of the above mentioned fruit machines are ideal for casino play. The compliments of the fruit machines are as varied as the games that can be played.

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